MTB XC Crit Round 2 - Belgrave vinery

Circuit TT - Vazon

Road Race - Coudre/Vazon combined

MTB XC Crit Round 3 - Motocross track


10 Mile TT Series Round 5 sponsored by Tarmac Services

Road race - Reservoir

Delancey Crit

25 Mile TT

GVC Summer Downhill Round 2

MTB XC Crit Round Four - Delancy

Sprint & Hill Climb

GHS 10TT Qualifier

Road race on reservoir circuit

10 mile TT - Cobo

CI Race series - Guernsey


Tour of Guernsey Round 1 (MTB)

Tour of Guernsey Round 2 (MTB)

Tour of Guernsey Round 3 (MTB)

Tour of Guernsey Round 4 (MTB)

Tour of Guernsey Round 5 (MTB)

Tour of Guernsey Round 6 (MTB)

Tour of Guernsey Round 7 (MTB)

10 mile TT - Cobo

CI Race series - Jersey

5 mile TT - Surfers - Vazon

Road race on Vazon/L'Eree circuit

Delancey Criterium

25 Mile TT


Roquaine Criterium

Road race on Coudre/Varzon combined

10 mile TT - Cobo

GVC Summer Downhill Round 3

50 Mile TT

The Track Criterium

Channel Island Road race series

25 Mile TT


10 Mile TT - Cobo

GVC Summer Downhill Round 4 & Championship Round

Chouet Criterium

10 Mile TT - Cobo

25 Mile TT

Val des Terres Hill Climb

GVC Summer Downhill Round 5