Race Calendar

Wednesday Evening Race Programme

We do not normally specify in advance what races will be scheduled for the Wednesday evening league, however there will be an exciting mix of time trials, circuit races, hill climbs, MTB cross country races and handicap races.  We normally put on two races every Wednesday for each of the categories which means we can run as many of 14 races in the course of the 1 hour meeting.


Race Categories:   The riders in all categories, other than the Open Category, will race in age bands based on their school year i.e. Under 8 School Rec/Year 1, U8, School years, 2 and 3 (these years may be split into two groups if numbers are high), U10, years 4 and 5, U12, years 6 & 7 and a newly created Open category for riders who are aged between 12 and 15, riders in school year 7 can chose to race in either the U12 category or the Open category.  

Championship points will be awarded as follows:  1st place 20 points, 2nd 19, 3rd 18, 4th 17 etc down to 20th place 1 point.  If there are more than 20 finishers in a race anybody placed 20th or below will get 1 point.

There are 16 scheduled race meetings throughout the summer, with 2 races on each evening, unless otherwise advised; each rider will be able to drop 5 races from the total amount, these being their worst results or no show.  At the end of the season we will add up all the points you get to see who is the champion for each of the age categories, this will include individual boy and girl championships.